Type Of Installation Max. Period Between Inspections
  Domestic Premises   5 – 10 Years
  Commercial Premises   5 Years
  Educational Establishments   5 Years
  Hospitals   5 Years
  Industrial Premises   3 Years
  Cinemas   1 Year
  Places of Public Entertainment   1 Year
  Agricultural & Horticultural   3 Years
  Caravans   3 Years
  Caravan Sites   1 Year
  Launderettes   1 Year
  Petrol Stations   1 Year
  Highway Power Supplies   6 Years
  Temporary Installations   3 Months


It is recommended that buildings over five years old are subjected to a periodic inspection, and as a minimum should continue to be inspected and tested every five years; a report of inspection should be issued, together with test results and any recommendations.