Every Building that was designed in the past and up to present times had a full set of construction drawings produced prior to building. As part of the completion and handover these drawings would be updated to incorporate any changes made throughout the build. When the building is taken over by the new owner, they are responsible for keeping these drawings up to date going forward, but unfortunately this can often be forgotten resulting in the electrical drawings becoming outdated and basically useless due to many upgrades and changes that are left undocumented. This is where IETC Can help.

We offer a number of services which include the following:

Full Compilation of Electrical As built Drawings from Scratch
This service would be used to produce a full set of brand-new building layout drawings and subsequent electrical as-builts.

Stage 1 – We would firstly come to site to accurately measure the buildings through which we would produce a set of building layout drawings.
Stage 2 – On completion of the Building Layout Drawings there would be further site visits to mark up all the electrical services throughout the premises. A full set of Electrical CAD Drawings would then be complied including Lighting, General Services, ELV Services, Distribution Board Locations, Containment etc.
Stage 3 – Identification of all circuits would be next on the agenda with a suitable time arranged with the Client to identify all the circuits and electrical devices throughout the premises. Circuit would be identified and input onto the drawings.

This would result in a full set of As-Built Electrical Drawings being handed over to the client. This will save time on maintenance going forward and possibly bring good savings on future expansion.

Updating of Existing Electrical Drawings
For an annual fee we offer this service through which we keep your Electrical Drawings up to date along with Panel Charts and Schematics for the Control Panels and Distribution Boards. This will give any organisation peace of mind going forward knowing that every addition be it large or small will be documented and kept up to date. Quarterly site surveys on all areas of the Electrical Systems ensure nothing will be missed and your drawings will be kept up to date.

Verification, Identification & Labelling
Through this service we will come to site and verify existing drawings through identifying circuits and also labelling all the electrical devices. This will be one continuous visit to site through which all Electrical Drawings and Distribution Charts will be verified and updated to reflect the As-Built Electrical Layouts. In turn all electrical devices and outlets will be labelled to correspond with the Drawings and Distribution Charts.

All the above services can be combined with the Electrical Inspections we carry out which together form an unrivaled service throughout Europe.

So, contact us today if you would like any information on the above services.