We offer our customers an excellent and efficient service in Data Testing. We are certified to test any installation no matter how big or small and regardless of the category cable used. Our test equipment allows us to test these installations with speed and accuracy of the highest standard.

Many businesses are looking to optimise their I.T. equipment to increase productivity in the workplace. In order to do this, a survey of the existing cabling network is necessary to verify if it is capable of carrying the required amount of data, otherwise the system may not function correctly. The speed of data transfer, with the technology that businesses have, requires the data cabling network to be of excellent quality in order to gain optimum efficiency from the network. If certain areas fall below this standard, we can install new cabling and re-certify the entire installation.

The technology that businesses call for along with the need for speed in transferring data requires the data cabling network to be of the highest quality ensuring that your network will meet the demands of your growing business, well into the future.