Mission Statement


Our aim is to provide a service, which enhances the operational excellence, efficiency and safety of all customers, with innovative solutions from experts responsive to both business and environmental needs.

  • We aim to meet our clients’ specific needs from industry to commercial electrical services.
  • We aim to adapt and move with market changes and technology growth.
  • We aim to achieve the best possible service through constant investment in training our staff to the highest level.
  • Deliver all projects to the highest standards and complete on time.
  • Provide a solid platform for our staff to improve and grow with our Business to ensure the best possible environment to work in and achieve their career goals.
  • We aim to achieve the highest level of Health & Safety to build the safest working environment possible for our staff and clients.

“We ensure that in completing an order, our customers are getting the very best in material, workmanship and service. We are proud of our growing reputation, which is built on expertise, experience and reliability. We believe in continuous improvement and that by providing our customers with the highest quality, combined with excellent service, we can continue to enhance our reputation.”

Peter Magill, Owner & Managing Director

IETC – Bringing you Safely Into The Future!