O’Callaghan Properties:

“I have known Peter Magill, of IETC Electrical Contracting Ltd, for the past 7 years. Over this time IETC have performed a number of electrical projects and are carrying out maintenance services for us in Lancaster Gate, Opera Lane, Halfmoon Street, Lavitts Quay and various other locations.”

“I have worked closely with Peter over the last 7 years and IETC have proven to be very reputable group who maintain a very high quality of workmanship, reliability and integrity through all contracts undertaken. They are committed to fulfilling each contract to the highest standard and the pride they take in their work is evident in the willingness to ensure that all parties are happy”

 Stephen Kenneally, Head of Accounting 


REXAM Beverage Can Ltd:

“For all work carried out to date, IETC Electrical Contracting Ltd and their team have provided an excellent service and a high quality of workmanship. I have found each member of their team to be professional, courteous and very accommodating.”

“Rexam Ireland runs a 24/7 production schedule, only stopping for Bank Holidays and a maintenance period over the Christmas Shutdown. The reason I mention this is because IETC Electrical Contracting Ltd were very flexible in their work approach and worked with Rexam’s production schedule to minimize disruption and downtime. This flexible work approach is also evident each year during the annual testing of portable appliances.”

 Colin Birney, Electrical Maintenance Department


CITCO Global Securities:

“IETC have been looking after our services for the last 5 years and we are delighted with the service and professional approach of all staff at IETC. They are very efficient at completing all jobs and when quoting for works provide us with more than the required detail. I would not look beyond IETC in any of the work they specialize in.”

Sarah Murray, Facility Management